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One of the very first massages I received, the therapist spent the entire hour on my legs. However, my expectation was a full body massage. I left the session disappointed and frustrated. I thought I made it clear for full body. The therapist thought I only wanted my legs worked on.

‍‍‍This experience has helped mold my practice in two ways.‍‍‍

1)    I believe you are the expert to your body and mind. I want to understand what pain or stress is happening in your body and mind. I then use my skills and training to provide the best massage for what you need.

2)     Each massage is unique. I tailor your massage to what you need for that session. Clarity and understanding of what you need each time is a priority and necessity.I’ve always wanted to help people.

My first real job was working at a natural food store. I loved interacting with the customers. Learning alongside them what foods and supplements were best was fulfilling. Along my college path to become a teacher, my hope was to help students feel confident in themselves, and give them tools and training to lead successful lives. After I graduated with my B.A. and was applying to credential programs, I knew my desire to teach and help would be best served outside school setting. That’s when I found massage. Using my massage practice, I am able to help each client learn what their body and mind needs to live their best life.

When I am receiving a massage, I try to be present in my breathing, how my body feels, and give myself permission to unwind and relax. My job is physically demanding. My job is emotionally demanding. Massage helps my muscles relax, and also gives me time to meditate and be mindful while on the table. When I am back in my regular routine, I can think about that massage and it reminds me to breathe, and drop my shoulders from my ears, and stretch out the stiffness in my body.

I want you to have the same reaction to a massage. I have marathon runners who come to have their calves, hips and low back massaged and stretched to prevent injury and keep their performance up. I have teachers who hold the weight of our future on their shoulders. They love to feel the tension in their head, neck and upper back melt away. All my clients return because they feel heard, understood, and better when they leave.

I invite you call, email, or set up an appointment for a massage. We will work together to address what you need from the massage in order to keep you in balance.

~Erin Detka

My Training  

Certified in 2014 at Monterey Peninsula College in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Clinical Massage·       Received training in Sports Massage in 2016 at the Monterey Institute of Touch, Carmel Valley·       Received training in Thai Massage in 2017 at the Monterey Institute of Touch, Carmel Valley

My Hobbies and Interests

I strive to lead an active life. Whenever possible I commute on bike, and enjoy the weekend joy rides around the peninsula. Some of my other activities include ocean swimming, hiking with my family, friends and dog, and yoga.

CAMTC# 60118

ABMP# 1079549


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