Balanced Body,

Balanced Mind


Popular Services


The Balancer
60 min/90 min

Here you’ll gain the softest skin and a calm mind. From a dry brush, to a soothing massage and warm oil scalp treatment, your outer self and inner soul will be relaxed and rejuvenated.

Ultimate Grounding
60 min/90 min

Find the calm when life doesn’t seem to slow down. Leave life at the door while you allow your body and mind to reunite with Mother Earth through warm and cool stone massage combined with a tuning fork ritual. Bliss out in the connection and finish with a peppermint and lemongrass foot massage.

Deep Calm
120 min

We cannot serve from an empty vessel. Take a two hour vacation and allow yourself time to fill up your cup again. This integrative treatment uses stretching, massage, and optional aromatherapy to help bring your body, mind, and soul back together. Included is a back scrub and a warm mitten and warm bootie lemongrass and peppermint hand and foot massage. Honor the wonderful person you are!


Taking time to honor your body, mind and spirit is a necessity, not an option

Let the thoughts of that deadline, closing the deal, getting your child to practice on time, and making time with your partner slow down and quiet down. Feel proud of yourself for taking care of YOU.  Leave knowing you aren't going through life alone, You have massage and bodywork as part of your support team.


You are worthy of taking care of yourself

Each session we have together you are a new person from the last. Because you’ve lived longer and had more experiences. Even if it’s just been a day, a week, a month or a few months. Therefore each session is new. Each session my base goal is to meet your essence on that table and honor you in that moment. That is a part of me I was created with and grateful everyday to share.