About Counterbalance Bodywork

One of the very first times I got a massage, the therapist spent the entire hour on my legs. I left the session disappointed and frustrated; what about the rest of my body?

This experience has influenced my practice in two ways:

1)   I believe you are the expert to your body and mind. I want to understand what pain or stress you are experiencing. Then I use my skills and training to provide the best massage to meet your needs, not mine.

2)     Each massage is unique. I tailor your massage to what you need for that session. People and their needs change from day to day. Clarity and mutual understanding are key.

What brought me here.

I’ve had an unusual career path that has included working in a natural foods store, studying to be a classroom teacher, and more, but my desire to help others has been a constant theme throughout. When I found massage therapy, I knew right away that this would be my path of service.

At first, I thought that this meant ignoring things like spa treatments. They seemed like a frilly extra for people who liked to indulge and enjoy the full experience of a spa at a resort or hotel, with all the amenities that come with it. They were definitely not something someone would include into their normal routine. I secretly felt a little superior to people who indulged in such things. After all, I only got bodywork that had real benefits.

How wrong I was!

I began working in a spa and experienced these “fancy” treatments firsthand. They left me feeling amazingly refreshed and renewed. The cost, of course, was still out of reach of many people. But I couldn’t stop thinking, “Why couldn’t I do this in my own practice? Then everyone could experience how wonderful this feels.”

So this is what I did. I offer massage and spa treatments for non-tourist prices at Counterbalance Bodywork, because nobody should feel ever feel guilty or frivolous for finding balance in mind and body.

My wish for you.

When I am receiving a massage, I try to be present in my breathing, become aware of how my body feels, and give myself permission to unwind and relax. Massage helps my muscles loosen and gives my mind time to meditate and be mindful while on the table. When I am back in my regular routine, I can think about that massage. It reminds me to breathe, drop my shoulders from my ears, and stretch the stiffness from my body.

My wish for you is that you will experience the same peace in your mind and body. Whether your tension comes from a busy day at work, the hectic reality of life with children, or the pressure of athletic performance, you deserve to feel that internal tightness melt away. I want you to leave my massage table feeling heard, understood, and renewed.

I invite you call, email, or set up an appointment so that we can work together to find your balanced life


~Erin Detka

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍

Credentials and Trainings

  • ‍‍‍Certified in 2014 at Monterey Peninsula College in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Clinical Massage

  • Trained in Sports Massage in 2016 at the Monterey Institute of Touch, Carmel Valley

  • Trained in Thai Massage in 2017 at the Monterey Institute of Touch, Carmel Valley

CAMTC# 60118

ABMP# 1079549